What started in 1986 as an office for technical drawing , today is a successful company in all construction issues. Whatever industry we offer a comprehensive range of services for all claims . Starting with the exact problem analysis to commissioning at the customer – tailored to customer needs solutions are our strength. From the first contact to finished product , everything is in the experienced hands of our engineers. So in your production efficiency can rise projects are successfully put into action with a lot of know -how and creativity. Not the size of the job is crucial , but the satisfaction of our customers. Our many years of construction experience coupled with your specific product knowledge guarantees an optimal price -performance ratio. We know that rapid payback periods , with important competitive advantages in ever-shorter production cycles.

To realize technical feats , it requires a lot of experience and intuition . Our design and detail design engineers are specialists , for even the most difficult requirement is a challenge. Their services include the construction planning, the creation of control procedures as the basis for the programming and delivery of CE Conforming documentation including risk analysis. The coordination of the entire task points is not a problem . From design consultation and installation to commissioning and training of the employees.

Complex projects are hands with us in BEST . Currently we are able to develop their individual solutions with 6 design and detail design engineers , 1 technician and 2 secretaries . In addition, we have access to a grown to approximately 25,000 records over the years, purchased parts database. Of course, we have the latest state of the art , appropriate calculation software for structural analysis and for component optimization